Last month, prior to Mothers' Day, I wrote a blog about what moms might enjoy even more than flowers and that is...time.  Ever since I read that book "The Five Love Languages," I've been aware that many people would rather spend time with a loved one than get a gift.

So if your father lives nearby and you're able to get together, let's make a list of things that fathers and children can do.  I'll offer several and then you can add some in the Comments section:

  • Go fishing or crabbing
  • BBQ
  • Help Dad with a house project
  • Eat favorite foods along the boardwalk
  • Look at photo albums
  • Play ball or go to a BlueClaws game together
  • Take him to see a movie
  • Help him clean the garage or just ask him about some of the old stuff he used to do or build
  • Take him out to a restaurant he's been wanting to try
  • Record him telling stories about the old days ( I really wish I had captured more of my Dad's awesome deep voice.  These are the things you miss when they're gone.)

What else would help Ocean County fathers feel like it's their special day?  Please add to the list in the Comments section

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