Efforts to protect clean water and mend Sandy-damaged environmental infrastructure in Sea Girt and southern Monmouth County get a $11,600,000 infusion of state cash.

Senator Robert Singer (Tom Mongelli, Townsquare Media)Media NJ

The allotment is part of $411,000,000 for environmental projects around the state in bills sponsored by shore State Senator Robert Singer (R-30) and signed by Governor Christie.

The measures, S-2292 and S-2293, subsidize 80 projects through the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust, including those in the state's Sandy-related clean water and drinking water priority lists for fiscal 2017.

A total of $3,500,000 is dedicated to repair and upgrades of storm water drainage systems in Sea Girt, including pipe extensions of outfalls under Baltimore Boulevard and Neptune Place.

Structural improvements for the Belmar pump station are covered with $3,400,000 of the total. Another $3,000,000 cover enhancement for Superstorm-dented pump stations in Belmar, Lake Como, Spring Lake, Manasquan, Brielle and Wall Township.

There is a $1,600,000 allocation to repair and improve Sandy-damaged sanitary sewer pump stations in Belmar, Lake Como and Spring Lake, including storm-proofing, electrical and mechanical improvements, and replacement or relocation of a control building.

"Storm infrastructure in Sea Girt and Southern Monmouth County sustained serious damage in Superstorm Sandy," Singer said in prepared remarks, adding that pump stations and drainage systems would likely remain unrepaired without the grant.

"This legislation will ensure that municipalities are better prepared for future storms, while protecting clean drinking water for residents statewide."