So let's have an open dialogue, how old do you think is comfortable to live til? Is 70, 80, or 90 an age you think would be good for you? Is 100 too much? What about 150? Yes, I said 150 years old.


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According to a recent New York Post article, a new study says it may be possible soon for humans to live to 150! So if you are 75 years old you would only be middle-aged lol Denys Nevozhai Denys Nevozhai


In The NY Post article, "Researchers at GERO.AI concluded the “absolute limit” of the human lifespan to be between 100 and 150 – they came to this conclusion by analyzing 70,000 participants up to age 85 based on their ability to fight disease, risk of heart conditions and cognitive impairment."

I am thinking as I write this article if I would want to live to 150, I must admit I'm a bit torn. I mean until now I looked at 100 as a big feat, but 150 just seems crazy, right?

I think I wonder what they think the quality of life would be for 150-year-olds because let's face it if everyone that old is living a miserable life, why would you want that? If I want to live another 96 years I want to enjoy it lol

The Post article sites developments in medicine as a key to a longer life for humans and that makes sense. Think 100 to 200 years ago our life span was a lot shorter than now, so as we move forward with medical technology our lives will be longer.



I am currently trying to be as healthy as I can be these days watching my diet, exercising, and getting good sleep hopefully, that helps and gets me to 125 maybe?


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