Something we know here in New Jersey, we are smart and we'll be the first to tell you lol however according to U.S. News and World Report we actually are the most intelligent state.

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According to U.S. News and World Report, New Jersey is number one in education for children K-12 here in America...

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That is pretty impressive and of course, we are very proud of our schools here in the Garden State. It has been some tough times with the Coronavirus Pandemic, but overall New Jersey schools, K-12, are doing fantastic and ranked number one in the nation!

So just how is the ranking done and what did New Jersey do so well in? let's break down the categories and see where New Jersey's high score came from.

The first category is "college readiness" and New Jersey finished 3rd in the nation. Next was the "high school graduation rate" and here the Garden State finished 2nd in the nation. Next up, "NEAP math scores"...New Jersey finished 2nd in the nation in this category. Next was the "NEAP reading scores" and once again New Jersey finished 2nd in the nation. Finally "pre-school enrollment" and NJ was first in the nation in this category. The combination of all these categories gave New Jersey the number one ranking in America for education K-12.

Congratulations to all our schools and everyone involved (teachers, administrators, and staff) and a job well done by our students. Have a fantastic school year and keep doing a great job and making us proud.


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