Ms. Hopson you are not bullying Abby.

Central Regional High School Golden Eagel(Facebook Photo)
Central Regional High School Golden Eagles(Facebook Photo)

So, here's the deal, I peeked into Abby's room because I heard her laughing. She's in virtual school. There is nothing better than hearing her laugh. Anyway, I hear Ms. Hopson her Biology teacher saying, "Abby are you picking your nose?" She was kidding, Abby was rubbing her nose, then Ms. Hopson saw me peeking in and she said to Abby, "I hope your Mom doesn't think I'm bullying you". You made a funny, I love that, Ms. Hopson - "Thank you".

I'm home quarantining because of travel and hear Abby's teachers at Central Regional High School while doing virtual school. Virtual school is weird for everybody - teachers, students, and parents. Boy, these teachers sound and look really good through a small computer screen. It has to be so hard for teachers to teach their hearts out to teenagers that would rather be on their phones Facetiming their friends. I just want to say you're doing an awesome job. I could never do what you're doing.

Most times Abby has her camera on, sometimes the teachers say you can turn the camera off. Most times she has her camera on and I'm like how many teachers are seeing dirty clothing all over the floor?

I can't even imagine being a parent of an elementary school student, thumbs up to you parents. I'm a lucky parent, she takes care of herself and can do her own work with little or no help.

So, here's a "BIG" shout-out to Abby's teachers at Central Regional High School:

Ms. Hopson - Biology

Ms. Lanko - English

Mr. Booth - Algebra

Ms. Kamienski - French

I see all of you this week and really appreciate all the time and hard work you put into teaching Abby. I'm just glad it's Abby taking your classes and not me, it's tough. LOL - This Mom is very thankful for you.

"Thank you" to all the teachers, you are still changing the world for good.

Sue Moll
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