I've been talking to a lot of people about their holiday plans and some of them said they're going to take a vacation day on Monday, July 3rd so that they can enjoy a nice long weekend, relaxing Friday through Tuesday.  Another, who shall remain nameless, said he's expecting to "eat some bad shrimp" on Sunday so he can call out sick Monday.  Yeah, that kinda sounds like he'll be telling a little white lie.  Don't worry, it's nobody here at the radio station.

The truth is that everyone loves a long weekend.  So if businesses are going to have a lot of absentee workers on Monday, would it make sense to just close up shop for the day?

I'm guessing many of you employees think that's a great idea!  Maybe you've suggested that to your boss already.  But I'm guessing you employers and business owners are not so fond of it.  Even if you wanted to give your workers an extra day off, you may not be able to if you're a healthcare provider, emergency services agency, or a retail shop that historically does a good business on a holiday weekend.

You don't have to name any names or mention any companies by name but in general, do you think American workers should get Monday, July 3rd off when Independence Day falls on a Tuesday?


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