A new idea could impact a number of movie theaters right here at the Jersey Shore. Should they allow texting during screenings?

AMC Theatres, with Shore locations in Toms River, Brick, and The Monmouth Mall, are considering allowing customers to use their cell phones to text during showings.

It's almost become a tradition, seeing the public service announcements before a movie unspools, telling viewers to turn off their cell phones for the courtesy of others.

But the CEO of the company has said that the Millennial generation is adverse to turning their phones off at all, and it could be keeping them from going to the movies, where shutting down your device is expected.

After floating the idea of allowing text-friendly screens and sections, the response hasn't exactly been supportive. Take this Tweet for example:

Personally, I couldn't agree more. I find the glow of a screen in front of me in a dark theater to be both distracting and inconsiderate.

The AMC boss clarified a bit, saying that if they go ahead with the pilot program, it would only be in a very small number of test theaters.

What do you think, in 2016 has texting become so much a part of every day life that it should be allowed in movie theaters, or should going to the movies remain one of the last places left where you can avoid the glow of an electronic device?

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