I just read about something starting in Philly and wondered if we might see it at the Jersey Shore someday.  Sunscreen is being made available in dispensers at Citizens Bank Park, near City Hall, and on Kelly Drive which is frequented by walkers, runners, and cyclists.

In an effort to reduce the high rates of skin cancer, Philly has joined other cities in offering the free sunscreen.  The hope is that the easy accessibility of the sun protection will encourage people to use it.   SPF lotion is known to protect against the dangerous rays of the sun but it must be used properly and reapplied often.

The dispensers could be used by people for whom sunscreen isn't in the budget; by those who forgot to apply it before leaving the house, or by those who have been out in the sun for a while and need to reapply.

Do you think offering free sunscreen at Jersey Shore beaches and attractions would be a good idea?  If so, where should the money come from to pay for it?  If you don't think it's a good idea, why not?

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