The governor's State of the State address is over, however many of the state senators and legislators from the shore are coming away with a positive outlook.

Declan O'Scanlan

Eleventh district senator Jennifer Beck said that Christie's message was "one of hope" for the state. Noting that amongst many of the points he brought up, the 10% cut on income tax for everyone across the board is a pivotal plan.

"For those who are trying to weight out whether they are going to stay in the state and retire here, the fact that he is looking to lower the income tax by 10 percent for everybody is huge."

Beck's colleague in the eleventh district, Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon believes that the governors plan will succeed based on the record he has had committing to his promise of reducing government and curbing spending.

"This administration has earned my confidence that they're not going to propose irresponsible fiscal policies. I know when we see the governors budget, these tax breaks he's suggesting we implement will be paid for."

The governor spoke in great lengths about what the state has been able to accomplish thanks to cooperation and bi-partisan teamwork. Many legislators agreed with his sentiments, Senator Chris Connors from the 9th legislative district believes that cooperation is why the state has been able to achieve so much.

"Across the nation New Jersey has been pointed out as a leader in reforming it's fiscal responsibilities and putting New Jersey back on the right patch. "

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