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Most business owners have had to deal with a considerable amount of stress over the past year due to the pandemic.  As things continue to move in a positive direction that may no longer be the main concern that keeps them up at night.  Just about everywhere you look you’ll find “help wanted” signs and it seems just about every business category is impacted by a declining work force.

The reasons are fairly simple and the blame goes to our government.  As long as we’re handing out an extra $300 a week in unemployment benefits in New Jersey many are going to choose to stay at home and you can’t really blame them.  The $300 alone is like giving a 40 hour-a-week employee and extra $7.50 an hour NOT to work and that’s on top of their regular benefits.  It does not take a math major to figure out that many are making more money not working then they would on the job.

This growing problem could have a devastating impact on the tourism industry this summer which in past years was able to rely on foreign students to take jobs in restaurants, amusement parks and motels in beach towns like Point Pleasant Beach, Seaside Heights and Long Beach Island.  However the circumstances of COVID-19 will likely curtail that and leave plenty of jobs open for high school and college students and at this point many don’t seem interested in waiting tables or operating rides on the boardwalk.  It’s very possible that some businesses may have to cut back on the hours they are open because they simply don’t have the staff.

The problem all along with the extra unemployment and even the stimulus money was there was no due diligence to see if the money was truly going to those that needed it.  Instead of taking care of those in need the government gave millions a reason to stay at home and do nothing.  A perfect formula for a different kind of economic disaster.

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