Daphany needs a happy ending!

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Daphany led a sad life prior to being picked up as a stray over the summer. She recently had puppies, she had deep scarring around her abdomen and feet from being tied with a rope or chain, and had several broken teeth. None of this tarnished the 4 year old, adorable little girl's outlook on life. She's always so happy to make new friends and can't wait to wiggle up into your lap and get lots of attention. Daphany put her past behind her but then, to add to her story, she was diagnosed with vestibular disease. This condition is not life-threatening, but it causes her to have a permanent head-tilt. Daphany doesn't let anything get her down and keeps on loving life and everyone in it. She's super sweet, well-behaved, easy going, playful, and good with most dogs she meets too. She loves people of all ages and would be overjoyed if you offered her the good home that she's so deserving of.

Popcorn Park Zoo

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