Meet Brewster!

Popcorn Park Zoo


Brewster is such a beautiful and bubbly boy, and just shouldn't be in a shelter wondering where his family went. Brewster is an 8 year old Brittany spaniel that somehow became a stray that no one ever came looking for. He was quite messy and neglected when he arrived, so maybe it's all for the best. He is feeling great now though and is spiffy-clean and handsome! Brewster is all smiles, all the time. There's no shyness about him and he just loves making new friends. Brewster is well behaved and polite. He sits nicely when asked and is excited about a treat but not grabby. Brewster is a little powerhouse on a leash so he could use some training there but he's just excited to check out everything new around him. He has little interest in toys but he enjoys running around our exercise yard, sniffing out all of the trees. Brewster seems happy to make the acquaintance of other dogs but since he has a bit of hunter in him, he will need a home with no cats. This mushy, happy guy will melt your heart if you come in and meet him.

Popcorn Park Zoo

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