Mosey is such a little darling, it's impossible not to love her. She's a 10-ish year old poodle in a lhasa apso's body that came to us from our Newark facility. Poor Mosey was found as a stray and was so neglected and overgrown. She has a nice spa day in Newark and is feeling like a brand new puppy! Mosey is one of the most mellow dogs around. Nothing seems to get her riled up. She is perfectly behaved while out for a walk and she's just so calm and easy going. She is happy to meet new people and doesn't seem to mind other easy going dogs or cats either. Mosey would love a nice, quiet home, much like her personality, and without a lot of commotion. She would love to curl up in your lap and make herself at home and be a member of your family forever.

File # 28202 4/21/18

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