How did you feel over the weekend when you heard that another big storm could be headed our way?  I hate to admit it but I got a knot in my stomach.  I felt myself stressing over the prospect of downed trees, power outages, and flooding.  But that's not helpful to me or you so instead I want to use this blog space in a constructive way.  To help us prepare for Florence or whatever other big storm heads to Jersey, let's share some lessons learned from Sandy.

The big one for me had to do with my devices.  Now, when there's any storm brewing, I make sure I keep my phone, laptop, and tablet on chargers whenever possible.  And those extra chargers that you plug your phone into when you're on the go?  I make sure those get juiced up as well.  I even purchased a solar powered charger, just in case.

I also now have a supply of canned food and a manual can opener.  And batteries.  Plenty of batteries for flashlights.

Speaking of flashlights, I discovered that my favorite kind during the blackout was the kind you wear on your head.  The headlamp allows you to go hands-free and shines the light exactly where you need it.  I wear one wrapped around my wrist like a bracelet when I walk the dog in the dark.

So let's hear from you now.  You can help your neighbors by sharing a lesson or two that you learned from that horrible event we'll always remember.


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