What is your favorite game show? Are you into Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, or The Price Is Right? These iconic game shows have been around forever and have been a part of television history for decades. Lately, it seems like there is an explosion of new game shows to watch. Game shows with celebrity hosts and elaborate staging. How about the new game show where people get knocked off the stage by giant balls and end up landing in a pool lol It appears the show is less about winning than it is about losing because everyone wants to see the contestants get knocked off the stage and land into the swimming pool below. I guess it may be the first game show that has a question on the application "can you swim"  lol


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Recently a New Jersey woman who kind of "failed" originally on "Wheel of Fortune" found herself in California and decided to go and see Drew Carey, this time, it would be much different. The Bergen County woman went to a taping of the popular CBS game show "The Price Is Right" and did a great job.  Alessandra Curcio of Elmwood Park originally didn't do so well with Pat and Vanna of Wheel of Fortune, but this time was different with Drew and company on "The Price Is Right".



According to an article from NJ.com "Curcio took home over $65,000 in cash and prizes as she competed in a variety of games and the Final Showcase Showdown." Not a bad day's work. "She says the money will go toward a vacation that includes visiting Margaritaville on a cruise, a trip to the Bahamas and island hoping near the coast of New Zealand."


So you never know when your luck will change and you can win! Curcio added, “All you have to do is try and you’ll be surprised what you can accomplish.” Congratulations!




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