There are a few possibilities to explain what's going on in a quiet corner of Seattle - someone is playing a prank, the machines have become self-aware, or this vintage soda machine is haunted.

We've of course heard of haunted houses. There have been stories of allegedly haunted objects. Heck, there's even a TV show dedicated to stories of haunted objects.

So is that what's going on in Seattle?

The story goes something like this -


In an outdoor corner of a Seattle neighborhood, a vintage Coke machine sits derelict.

It's a working machine that seems to be stocked on a regular basis.

But here's the weird part - nobody's ever seen the mystery machine's caretaker.

In addition to the usual Coke, Diet Coke, and other usual buttons, there's a "Mystery" button that pops out whatever can the machine feels like popping out. We're talking unusual flavors like raspberry iced tea, grape soda, and fruit punch.

You have to imagine that someone is just having fun with this ongoing mystery. Someone must be stocking the machine and collecting the money. But, at this point nobody has caught a glimpse of the culprit.

So next time you're in Seattle, look for the "haunted" Coke machine and see what the mystery button has in store for you.


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