Sept. 12 National Video Games Day and so today's blog will look at gaming from a few different angles.  First I have to tell you that the last game I mastered was...Pong.  Since that was the early 70s, it's fair to say that I am NOT a gamer.  But I know so many people who are, or who at least went through a phase of playing a lot.  What's the console system in your house: Nintendo? PlayStation? Xbox?

Now it seems that everyone's playing Fortnite, a free online game.  Are you?  Are your kids or grandkids?  Do you think online games, or "cloud gaming" is going to replace consoles?  Internet speeds are really fast now so I think it's very likely.

I recently learned about something called eSports.  Did you know that people are actually going to stadiums to watch gamers play?  My first reaction was something judgy along the lines of, "what a stupid waste of time."  Then I attended a seminar on the topic which shed a positive light on eSports.  I learned that gamers like the social aspects of eSports.  They like coming together and seeing each other and cheering on their favorite teams and players.  (That dispels the myth that all gamers are introverted loners).  I also learned that eSports is good for people who aren't naturally athletic.  Students who don't make it on to a sports team can still participate in a competitive activity that teaches them about discipline, practice, how to handle loss, how to be a good sport, etc.  It gives them an opportunity to get good at something and that builds confidence.

Some universities are now offering eSports scholarships!  So perhaps all that screen time might pay off some day!

Are you or your kids playing Fortnite?  Are there any video games you play together with your kids?  Where are some good places for eSports in New Jersey?

And what do you think about some colleges offering scholarships for talented gamers?


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