It looks like regardless of where you live wet weather could be a problem for Trick or Treaters.

Of course they little ones (and some big ones) will be out in Toms River, Island Heights, Beachwood, Pine Beach and South Toms River later today while the rest of the free world gets the candy grab tomorrow.

Thursday looks even bleaker in terms of weather which could lead to a postponement of the 81st annual Toms River Halloween Parade.  While the rain date is Friday that would present some additional obstacles because that night Toms River South visits Toms River North in their annual football clash while Toms River East is home against Lacey.

Toms River Fire Department #1 which organizes the parade says on their website that an official decision on the event will be made by 10:30 a.m. tomorrow.

Never do I remember a World Series with such little interest as this one and as you would expect the TV ratings have not been good.  However they should get a boost tonight as the Astros and Nationals play a deciding Game 7 in Houston.  So much for home field advantage as the road team has won all six games, something that has never happened in the history of not only the baseball playoffs but the NBA & NHL as well.

While there was some news coverage and I did see a few Facebook posts the 7th anniversary of Superstorm Sandy came and went with little fanfare.  However we should remember not only the devastation that took place but the incredible efforts of so many to help with the recovery.

It was just another example of how we are at our best during the worst of times.  By the way history says it’s just a matter of time before another storm, maybe even one with greater force strikes the shore area again.

Here’s hoping we are better prepared although I fear that we could never really fully prepare for what a hurricane could do to us.


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