The end of February often comes with a huge sense of relief as many of us view it as the end of real winter.  While spring does not officially begin until March 20th today is actually the last day of meteorological winter so that’s a positive.  Of course for those of you commuting to New York or parts of North Jersey today it still feels and looks like winter.

Meanwhile the Jersey Shore has to this point enjoyed a very mild season and signs of spring are everywhere.  Birds are chirping, flowers are starting to appear and there is the calendar which turns over.  The Belmar St. Patrick’s Day Parade is this Sunday and the one in Seaside Heights is coming up on March 11.  All of this does not mean winter is over and we’ve had major snow storms in March but usually at that time of year the white stuff does not stick around long.

Even non-believers are starting to come over to the side of global warming.  North America had its fifth warmest January ever and Europe had its warmest January on record.  In recent years here in New Jersey the winter has been warmer and snow scarcer but before we put on shorts and sandals there is a downside.  Spring has often been very slow to arrive and those who go out to watch their kids play baseball, softball or soccer are often bundled up in coats, hats and gloves well into April and even May.

However let’s leave that for another day.  Today we say goodbye to February and tomorrow we’ll say hello to March.  For me that’s good enough.

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