A congressional move is trying and get polluters to pay less towards Superfund sites and instead put the onus on the Environmental Protection Agency, something shore representative Rush Holt believes is a bad idea.

The Congressman visited two Superfund sites in Old Bridge to see the progress of the land's restoration.

Holt says the Superfund project cleans countless toxic sites throughout the state, and he warns that if Congress gives more leeway to polluters it will put more financial stress onto the EPA to pay for restorations of damaged areas.

"The fund has been depleted" says Holt. "That's partly because successive congresses in past years have refused to collect money from the coroprations.'

He says holding the polluters responsible just makes sense.

"Obviously, the person who makes the mess should clean it up, but in many cases they haven't."

Holt notes that even if those responsible drag their feet in paying, whether it's tying the case up in court, going missing, or claiming bankruptcy "the cleanup has to happen. We have to recover the money from the responsible party and we need to make sure that the fund doesn't run out of money to stop cleanups."

The congressman believes that the Department of Environmental Protection is vital to the country, however he does note not everyone in Washington feels that way.

"There are many in Congress right who are doing everything they can to undermine the EPA in reputation and actually worse, take away all of thier funding and do away with the agency."