A 15-year-old runaway from a North Jersey community may have been spotted in Ohio, although police have not confirmed the sightings.

Thomas Kolding ran away from his Mountain Lakes home on the day before Halloween after having an argument with parents over his grades at school.

The family hasn't heard from him since, but surveillance cameras last captured him Nov. 3 at the Walter Rand Transportation Center in Camden. Police said he also was seen that afternoon in Philadelphia.

Police in Miami Township, Ohio, on Friday said they received reports that the youngster may have been spotted there, more than 500 miles from Philly.

Thomas Kolding, child missing November 2018 from Morris County. (Morris County Prosecutor's Office)

The Morris County Prosecutor's Office on Saturday acknowledged the reports from Ohio and other jurisdictions but added that they are still working to confirm whether the sightings are legitimate.

Thomas left home on Nov. 30, taking a train from Denville to Newark Broad Street Station. He then went to New York Penn Station.

He was then seen Nov. 3 in Camden and again about 3 p.m. that day on Race Street near Independence Mall in Philadelphia.

Thomas Kolding at the Walter Rand train station in Camden (Morris County Prosecutor's Office)

On Friday, his father — who had been trying to retrace his son's steps in Camden — said he learned that Thomas had walked from the Camden station across the Ben Franklin Bridge to Philadelphia.

"We’ll stay overnight and hit the streets in Philly again tomorrow," Nicolai Kolding said on Facebook. "Thomas: please forgive me if this video embarrasses you. It does me. Just please come home."

His parents said he left behind his phone but took $1,000 in cash, which he had earned doing odd jobs in the community.

His father said he left behind a note saying that he did not want to be found.

Aleksandra Wieleba Kolding via Facebook

Authorities at first suspected that he might be headed to California because they found information about traveling there on his computer.

Kolding believes his son may be traveling by bus because there's less of a chance that he will be asked for identification.

Thomas is 5 feet 3 inches and 115 pounds. He's been carrying a blue Adidas backpack and might be wearing a camouflage jacket.