It wasn't long ago that many of us were laughing at the Rt. 35 ShopRite and Dunkin' feud. It was hilarious and totally ridiculous all at the same time. I had a blast writing that March 31st article and I greatly appreciate the positive feedback from many of you! So what now? What's going on? It's been over a month since I wrote that article so I think it's time you get a much-needed Rt. 35 update...

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Let's start with the Lanes at Sea Girt. The news broke back in March that the bowling alley was going to close. As a reminder, unfortunately, the Lanes at Sea Girt will be closing its doors on May 17th. To be totally honest, it's tough seeing my hometown bowling alley throw in the towel. As little kids, my sisters and I had a handful of memorable birthday parties there. I also vividly remember my Grandma smacking me for throwing multiple bowling balls down the lane at the same time. I was probably six years old and I totally deserved to be punished... ahhh great memories...Anyway, as one door closes another opens. The 25,000 square foot retail space is available for lease. It will be very interesting to see what goes there next... What business or businesses would you want to see go in that space off of Rt. 35? (KEEP SCROLLING FOR MORE ON TARGET & SHOPRITE)

SIDE NOTE: There will be a brand new Cinnaholic opening off Rt. 35 in Sea Girt Square. This place will be serving you gourmet cinnamon rolls and many other delicious desserts. They plan on opening sometime this summer!

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What about the new Target? It's been over a year of "Wall Township Target" rumors so when can we finally see the crusty Kmart sign be replaced by a giant Target logo? No specific grand opening date, yet! However, one of America's leading retailers, Target, submitted construction plans to fit a sales floor inside the "Kmart" building. Target has no plans to expand the building. Just recently, Wall Township approved a zoning permit to allow the process to continue. You should expect to be shopping at the Wall Township Target by the end of this year or the beginning of 2022... After all, they don't have to wait for a Dunkin' to be torn down.

With that, let's wrap it up with details about the beautiful new ShopRite. Don't worry, if you haven't driven by it yet, the Dunkin' that was chilling in the ShopRite parking lot has been knocked down. The new Dunkin' right up the road on Rt.35 is open and looking better than ever... but when will the ShopRite open? You will be pleased to read that the ShopRite Of Belmar will have its grand opening on May 19th at 7 am. From the outside, it looks high end and It's safe to say it will be a locals favorite moving forward. It's important to note, the "old" ShopRite across the street plans to close its pharmacy on Tuesday, May 18th. They will re-open at the new ShopRite on Wednesday, May 19th. I have a feeling I will be writing a future article about what will be happening to the "old" ShopRite across the street... What do you think will happen? A Dearborn Market?

In conclusion, there is a lot happening on Rt. 35. Moving forward, I think this is great for locals. There will be a ton of employment opportunities and shopping has never been so easy. The main concern is obviously Rt. 35 congestion and driving. I think the most important thing is that we wear our seatbelts and stay alert behind the wheel, especially when the bennies come to town.

Have a beautiful summer and I hope to see you on Saturdays at our Asbury Park Boardwalk Studio... Stop & say HELLO! - Jimmy G

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