French fries are that yummy, extra side that pretty much goes with everything.

Chen Ping-hung

Fries go with everything from burgers to fries, to cheesesteaks, to seafood. In Ocean County, especially with our boardwalk fries, we have some of the best.

If I was to choose some of the BEST fries it would have to be at Jenkinson's Boardwalk, McDonald's fries, the Office Lounge's fries are spectacular, and I like Wendy's fries.

I want to thank Katie in Toms River for emailing me. She loves the fries at McIntyre's Pub, the Office Lounge, and Burger 25. Many of you called or emailed or App chatted us and Burger 25's fries were tops. We'll see if Burger 25 can pull it off as number one in Ocean County. As I'm writing this they are number one in our poll.

I'm thinking of disco fries, OMG yum. Gravy over fries, just delicious. Then there are pizza fries, just plain delicious.

Co-workers were telling me they love McDonald's and 5 Guys fries. Diner fries are always delicious, too. I had a listener, Kellie from Toms River, email me and say she loves curly fries. Kellie, you're not the only one, lots of us love the curly fries.

A couple of things about French fries maybe you didn't know, thanks to McDonald's outsells every other company in French fries every year and the average American consumes about 30 pounds of French fries a year.

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Burger 25 was in the lead for the first round. Can they hold on to tops in Ocean County? Chick-fil-A came up from the bottom to make it into 4th place. Who will have the best?



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