If your Labor Day weekend involved a long road trip, I’m curious about a couple of things:  1) Do you make frequent stops along the way?  And 2) How do you pass the time?

Up until recently I thought that my way was everybody’s way.  I mean I thought it was a given that most people would stop every couple hours to “break up the trip” and allow for bathroom and snack breaks.  But recently I’ve met more people who are committed to “just getting there as fast as possible,” and that means they “don’t stop unless it’s an emergency” or unless they’re getting too tired to drive safely.

So I’m curious, are you a frequent stopper or do you stay driving for as long as you can?

When you are in the car for extended periods, how to you pass the time?  The perfect road trip for me is usually a combination of great conversations, favorite songs, and, when I’m  a passenger, time to catch up on e-mails or social media.  Those periods will then be followed by some shut-eye as the motion of the car inevitably puts me to sleep.

I found it’s good for driver and main passenger to discuss what both are wanting.  And I think the driver’s preference should always win.  (That’s another way of saying that I always get to select the music when I’m behind the wheel.)  IF the driver wants conversation to keep him/her engaged and alert, then conversation is what we have.  If the driver is feeling contemplative, then it’s time for quiet.

(Unless there are kids in the car, in which case I realize that’s difficult to achieve.)

What’s your general strategy for getting to your far-away destination?  Are you a road-warrior or do you make frequent stops?