You can attend one of Congressman Rush Holt's Town Hall Meetings from the comfort of your own home. The 12th District Democratic Representative is hosting another one of his Telephone Town Halls tonight at 7:25 p.m.

Holt says the Telephone Town Halls have worked out well for his constituents, allowing thousands to participate who might not be able to otherwise attend in-person meetings or make office visits.

"You know, it's the same kinds of questions. The same kinds of concerns that people bring to me in all the other ways through the mail, through e-mail, through in-person town meetings."

Holt says not everyone who calls agrees with him. "there are some who give me an earful and there are lots of people who genuinely don't know that my position is."

Holt doesn't see the telephone town halls as a replacement for regular in-person meetings but he says it's in addition to all the other outreach he does. Holt also sees the telephone town halls as another way of communicating to his district as technology evolves.

"Communication between the people and their Representative is the past, present and future of political discourse in America. The town hall tradition has been important through out American History. It's necessary for me to do my job, to hear from people and I don't doubt that some of this will be done by telephone. Some of this will be done by computer streaming and some of this will continue to be done in-person. But people will always want to and I hope want and will need to communicate with their Representatives."

He also posts a recorded link on his web site of the town hall.

You can register to participate in the town hall at or call 1-87-RUSH HOLT  (1 877-874-4658)