🔵 Pedestrian safety upgrades are being made outside Riverview Medical Center

🔵 Monmouth County Commissioners approve plans to Route 10 and Front Street

🔵 The plan is to protect the safety of pedestrians around the hospital area

There are some much needed improvements and upgrades being made to protect pedestrians crossing in and out and surrounding the area near Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank.

Monmouth County Commissioners have announced that there are pedestrian safety improvements coming to the area along Route 10-Front Street to allow for safer crossing.

The work underway and to be done includes replacing the pedestrian beacons with rapid flash LED strobes, pedestrian signs on both sides of the crosswalk facing both sides of Front Street as well as rumble strips and "PED X-ING" pavement markings on the road prior to the crosswalks.

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In addition to those safety changes to protect pedestrians, there is the upgrades being made to the crosswalk striping and left turn arrow pavement markings at Globe Court and the entrance to Riverview Medical Center.

“Our primary concern when it comes to our roadways is safety,” Monmouth County Commissioner Director Tom Arnone said in a written statement. “Riverview Medical Center shared with me that there was poor compliance by drivers for their employees and pedestrians in the crosswalk so I directed the County Engineers to study the need for additional traffic control measures to improve pedestrian and vehicular access to the hospital.”

It's a well traveled area and that's not just on the roads of course near a hospital, that's with pedestrian traffic as well and something the Monmouth County Commissioners sought to address for everyone's safety.

Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank
Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank (Hackensack Meridian Health)

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“Recent studies indicated that approximately 1,600 pedestrian crossings occur at this location daily and the goal is that these improvements will provide safety to both pedestrians and drivers,” Arnone said. “Monmouth County Traffic Engineers will continue to study the need for additional long term measures to further improve access to the medical facilities.”

The pedestrian safety upgrades outside Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank is much welcomed news to Hackensack Meridian Health, who oversees this hospital, as well.

"Hackensack Meridian Riverview Medical Center is grateful to the Monmouth County Commissioners for their efforts to enhance the pedestrian safety surrounding the hospital," Tony Perry, HMH Public Relations Manager, said in a written statement. "These improvements will provide our team members and the public with the needed safety measures to visit Riverview and greater Red Bank."

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