I'm probably NOT going to wake up early tomorrow to watch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get married.  But I am going to record it and watch it later on.  In your office you probably have co-workers who are excited about the nuptuals.  Maybe some even bought a fascinator to wear, or they'll be sipping tea and eating scones while they watch.  And I'll be you have other office mates who can't wait for all the royal coverage to stop.  And then there are probably a lot of folks like me who are sort of middle of the road about it all.  I know people get married every day but this is a special couple.  It's the merging of a royal with a celebrity (and don't many Americans look up to celebs as though they are royalty?)

I find it refreshing to see something positive in the news at a time when there's so much coverage of unrest, violence, and vitriol in the world.

Having been to England a few times, I know the Royal Family make many citizens proud and gives them something to feel good about.  They're loaded with way more money than we'll ever see, but they donate to charities in amounts we could never conceive of.  And Harry and Meghan have requested that all their guests donate to charity instead of buying them gifts.  That's another reason it's hard to be grumpy about tomorrow's big event.

So how do you feel about the British Monarchy?   Do you plan on watching the wedding LIVE?  Or will you catch the highlights later? 

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