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As I write this on Tuesday, October 22nd, it's grey and rainy outside, not really a great day to spend much time outdoors enjoying autumn in Ocean County.

Instead, why not gather the family for an afternoon of fall crafts?

Here are some simple things things that you can gather to start your very own fall crafts kit.

Pumpkin carving kit

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Start your kit with a kit!

If you're going to have a fall craft kit, it wouldn't be complete without some tools for pumpkin carving.

And you have to admit, this pumpkin carving kit is pretty hard core.

Back in my day, we just hacked away with a steak knife until something resembling a jack o' lantern came out (don't try that at home, by the way).



Pumpkin decorating stickers for little kids

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While adults and older kids (under adult supervision, of course) can gouge the gourds with the tools above, you probably don't want the younger kids in your household wielding those carving tools.

So, here's a cool idea for the little ones - cute foam stickers that you can use to make kid friendly pumpkins.




Fall themed crafting goodies

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Whether you're decorating your home, a classroom, or the office, this kit will save your hands a lot of work by giving you dozens of pre-cut pieces like acorns, leaves, pumpkins, and more.






Fall stencils

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Maybe you're decorating crafts at home or perhaps you're planning to do some autumn themed graffiti tagging in your neighborhood, seasonal stencils are always good to have around.

We're totally kidding about the graffiti thing, by the way, but these stencils are perfect to scratch your seasonal decorating itch.





Get a carrying case for all that stuff

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Ok, so now you have a bunch of tools, stickers, stencils, and construction paper leaves and pumpkins.

Now, what?

Well, put it all in a box, of course!

There are a ton of options for arts & crafts carrying cases, but this one was the biggest and most impressive looking, so it's automatically my favorite.


Have fun with your fall crafting and be sure to show us your best fall arts & crafts! Just stop by our Facebook page and post your photos.



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