Protesters gathered in the dozens outside our Townsquare Media studios on Thursday night ahead of Shore Congressman Tom MacArthur's (U.S. NJ 3rd District) appearance on 'Ask The Congressman'.

There was a police presence by the Toms River Police Department and representation from the Ocean County Sheriffs Office.

They came with signs and and voiced their concerns for the future of the nation with many expressing fear and anger over decisions made by the Trump Administration.

The main message protesters wanted heard was making sure they're represented equally by MacArthur in Washington.

While Thursday's protest was more in opposition of the 45th President and less on MacArthur one protester contends the country nonetheless is heading in the wrong direction.

"I call myself an American Patriot," a protester said, and he adds,"A Patriot is somebody whose willing to fight, demonstrate and do whatever it takes to keep our democracy in tact."

Another protester says things need to change.

"Trump and MacArthur...the agenda of the Republican Party is bad for the country," he concluded.

Another protester explains that even though we are in a red district, they want their side of the aisle heard in Washington and be represented accordingly by MacArthur.

"He's just voted along party-lines, he has to put country ahead of party," he said.

Yet another protester feels that Thursday nights protest needs more recognition because it's something happening nationally.

"I'm deeply offended by the fact that these protests are taking place across the country and the response from the White House is that they're not legitimate," the resident believes.

A cancer survivor says one of her biggest fears for the country right now is what will happen with health care laws.

"I have a rare cancer and go to a specialist out in Philadelphia," she said. "If I lose my employer based healthcare, I'm un-insurable."


One caller on Ask The Congressman Thursday on Beach Radio 1160/1310 AM and at was asking MacArthur if he would support an impeachment of President Donald Trump.

"I take the elective process very seriously and I know there are those that thought our President was unfit or unstable before he was elected but the American people elected Donald Trump as President" said MacArthur.

"Impeachment is for high-crimes and misdemeanors," said MacArthur. "That's not something you throw around lightly if you don't like somebodies personality or what they say or how they do it or what they stand for."

"I'm going to give our President a chance to do what he was elected to do and fulfill the oath he swore to the constitution," said MacArthur.

"That doesn't mean I'm going to give him or anybody a free-pass," said MacArthur. "I'm not going to start with the presumption shortly after he became President that he somehow ought to be thrown out because the people that didn't want him elected in the first place are unhappy with it."

More on this story to come...

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