The Popcorn Park Zoo in Lacey is closer to getting a box turtle habitat to serve as a reminder about the state's Move Over law. Move Over Campaign Chairperson Donna Setaro says they've raised $2,700 so far with a goal of raisng $5,000 to cover additional expenses.

Setaro says they've gathered most of the supplies and expect to begin work in a designated area of the zoo early next week. "We're actually going to start renovating. We have to deconstruct some things first and then put in a pond." She says she expects it will take about a week or so to do the basic work. t

Setaro says she began the Move Over Campaign after her son State Trooper Marc Castellano was killed in 2010 when he was struck by a vehicle while conducting an investigation on the shoulder of Route 195 in Howell. She says the turtle habitat is really a tribute to her son who loved box turtles when he was growing up and to the First Responder the law is meant to protect. "I'm trying to promote slowing down and using the turtles as like a mascot for that and when people go and see the final habitat, we will have signs reminding them about the state's Move Over Law."

The Move Over Campaign is planning quite an event at Lacey Township High School this Saturday on Haines Avenue. It's called "Lunch With the Ninja Turtles" and the masked reptiles with be there in full force providing Photo Ops and showing their movies from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. Setaro says there will also be a Fire Truck, Police Car and EMT vehicle present. She says a State Police Representative will also be there to tell people about the "Move Over Law" and other programs.

Setaro has visited High Schools through out the state with State Troopers to educated young motorists about the state's Move Over Law.   The Law requires drivers to slow down and move over if possible when they see an emergency vehicle lights flashing, tow truck opeators  or a construction zone.