As temperatures were topping out around 90 degrees this past weekend, people flocked to the beaches of the Jersey Shore in droves.

Among the usual people playing ball in the sand, zipping around the ocean in all manner of watercraft, and of course the ubiquitous banner planes flying by, beachgoers in southern Monmouth County spotted something you definitely don't see every day.

I was on the Sea Girt beach in the early afternoon on Sunday when the usual droning sound of light engines started to grow louder, but it wasn't the usual yellow airplanes pulling banners for everything from car insurance to liposuction, but a trio of powered paragliders.

A few things caught my attention (and I'm sure the attention of my fellow sunbathers); you can see in the video how close to the shore the parachute pilots are, and on the last pass, a pair of them were really low.

Nobody seemed particularly concerned, though, including the lifeguards and police that occasionally walked by even though the fliers were seriously really close to the beach in both altitude and the fact that they were not very far out over the water.

You'd think that if there were a malfunction, a lot of people could have gotten hurt.

But hey, I can openly admit that I don't know anything about powered paragliding in New Jersey (do you need to be licensed? Do you need FAA clearance? Do the local police have to be aware of your flight plan?), but the demonstration definitely caught the attention of everybody on the beach yesterday!



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