Two weeks ago we talked about the fact that it's important to think about the safety of our pets just as much as ourselves in the heat and humidity of summer.

So what would happen if you saw a dog in a hot car with the windows closed and you decided to help by breaking a window?

There are a number of states that have "hot car laws" that give good samaritans legal protection under certain circumstances if they break a window to save a dog.

But New Jersey is not one of them.

According to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, in the Garden State,

...although it is illegal to leave an animal trapped in a hot car, no one is granted the authority to break into the vehicle to save the animal, not even law enforcement.

So, legally in New Jersey, it is illegal to leave your dog in a hot car, but not even a police officer is given the OK to break a car window to save a dog trapped in such a situation.

What would you do?

Would knowing this law make you think twice before shattering glass to save a pup in need, or would you proceed regardless of the law?


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