Popcorn Park Zoo had to share some difficult news about one of their most beloved residents today.

Many people have followed the story of Leo over the past year or so.

Leo, the Tibetan mastiff, arrived at Popcorn Park early last year after a tough early life.

From neglect, to medical trials and tribulations, Leo has soldiered through a lot in his short life. It's way too much to summarize in only a few sentences, you can click here for the full story from the great people at Popcorn Park.

Sadly, they had to share an unfortunate update today, as Leo received some very difficult medical news.

I'll turn it over to Popcorn Park for the details:

As we all know well, the great staff at Popcorn Park cares about their animals with a passion and dedication that would impress any animal lovers. We'll continue to keep Leo in our thoughts as he lives out his days in the loving arms of his caretakers at Popcorn Park.


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