We've had some really nice weather days over the last week or so. Days where it would be nice to open up some windows and air out the house thanks to the cool spring breeze.

The only problem is if, like me, your seasonal allergies are conspiring against your urge to enjoy nature right now.

This past Saturday I would have loved to open up all of my windows and enjoy the late spring air, but even with the windows closed and locked, and yes even a new filter in my HVAC unit, my eyes and throat were itching like I'd just taken a face first dive into a bucket of fresh pollen.

I even broke out an inhaler that I rarely use.

A quick visit to The Weather Channel's pollen counter for Toms River shows that the grass pollen count will remain moderate through at least Wednesday.

But it's the tree pollen that's really doing a number on our allergies, with the red Very High marker on the list through at least the middle of the week.

So, when will it end?

Well, you might not want to read this AccuWeather article from this past February, which predicted a spring 2020 allergy season that will be, "brutal".

Better stock up on those tissues!


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