This is just crazy, but it's true.

Thanks to the for this scam alert. Why do people do this? But it's out there and we have to tell you about it. The police in Point Boro are warning residents about scammers portraying law enforcement officers.

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The scammers are trying to access resident bank accounts while pretending to be police officers. Point Pleasant Boro Police are saying the scam is part of a phone phone scam where the scammers pretend to be a part of law enforcement investigating a money laundering incident. The phone scammers try to get your bank account information and tell you that your account might have been used by criminals. ***Please if you get one of these calls, call the police department.*** "Basically, they threaten that a warrant will be issued unless you cooperate," police said. "They will try to get your personal information and/or have you respond to a local Walmart. Target, Lowes etc. to get gift cards and then read the gift card numbers off the back of the cards."

Point Pleasant Boro police remind you - "Many times these criminals are conducting their scams from other countries. These scammers can be very convincing and intimidating," police said. "You can always advise the caller that you are going to confirm the information with your local police department or you can simply hang up and contact the Point Pleasant Police Department at 732-892-0060 and file a report. "

Once again if you get one of these calls, please call the Point Pleasant Police Department at 732-892-0060. Please do not give out any of your information over the phone to anyone. Please stay safe.

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