The wheels on a Lakewood school bus are evidentially still going round and round as police pulled over a bus on Monday afternoon in the township that is reportedly bringing students back and forth to school.

All of this is would be in violation of Governor Phil Murphy's executive order shutting down all public and private schools across the state as well as barring any large social gatherings.

Toms River Police Spokeswoman Jillian Messina said that they have received several reports over the last few days with regard to school busses/vehicles from Lakewood that are still transporting students.

On Monday afternoon around 2:00 pm Messina said that Toms River Police received a call from the Ocean County Prosecutors Office requesting a patrol car to assist with a motor vehicle stop on one of the suspected busses in Lakewood.

The Toms River Police Officer responded and assisted with the investigation as well as a Lakewood police officer to follow up with a suspected school still open in their town.

"The law enforcement community is not tolerating any violations of this executive order and will prosecute those responsible," Messina said. "We are working very closely and in coordination with the OC Prosecutor and other municipalities."

It's not known what school in Lakewood is still reportedly open and having busses drive students to and from the building.

"We continue to assist Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office in this investigation along with other municipalities," Messina said. "We are in the process of compiling video evidence from witnesses, ring doorbell or home surveillance, and the busses themselves. OCPO is the lead investigating agency and all future inquiries will be directed to them."

Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley Billhimer told WOBM News that his office is investigating the school bus incident in Lakewood.

Further details have not yet been released due to the ongoing investigation.

News 12 New Jersey was the first media outlet to report the school bus story occurring in Lakewood Township.

This was the latest in a frenzy of reported violations of Governor Murphy's various executive orders between Sunday afternoon where 40-50 people gathered for a Bat Mitzvah to 35 people who gathered to pray being asked to leave a school on Monday morning.

It follows a string of other large social gatherings and weddings that are continuing to be broken up largely by the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office and Lakewood Police.

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