Toms River Police release the identity of the suspect connected to the afternoon lockdown of Toms River High School East. 18-year-old township resident Frank Smentkowski, a Jackson Votech student, has been charged with Creating a False Public Alarm for posting a photograph of a weapon to a student on social media with the caption alluding to the school being "Shot up".

In a written statement, Public Information Officer Ralph Stocco said "searches were conducted and no weapons were located and there is no reason to believe he (Smentkowski) has any access to weapons." Stocco goes on to say, "it appears that Smentkowski made the social media post without thoroughly contemplating the consequences of his actions. The detectives do not believe there was ever a credible threat posed to anyone and that this was an instance of poor judgment being used."

However, police said they take all threats as credible at first to prevent even the remote chance of danger to the public. Township police are commending the school's staff and students for their cooperation and for following emergency protocols practiced in the event of any legitimate threat.

At 12:08 p.m. today, Township Police said they were made aware of a threat to the High School located on Raider Way. The threat was actually made Thursday morning via the social media outlet Snapchat but was not reported until today (Friday) at noon. As a precaution the school was immediately placed in a "Shelter in Place Status" and Police, Fire and EMS units responded. An extensive search of the school determined that it was safe. The Shelter in Place Status was removed and classes were dismissed at 1:35 p.m.

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