We all know the familiar mostly white sedans and SUVs that most police departments around the Shore operate (with a few exceptions, of course), and unmarked undercover cars aren't uncommon, either.

But, have you seen the in-between "ghost cars" that a number of New Jersey police departments are operating?

Photo courtesy of New Jersey State Police
Photo courtesy of New Jersey State Police

I say "in-between" because they're not unmarked cars exactly, but they're not screaming, "hey everybody, I'm a police car!", either.

They're unofficially referred to as "ghost cars" because of their low-profile, stealthy markings.

In addition to the New Jersey State Police, a number of local police agencies employ similar vehicles, including the Ocean County Sheriff's Department.

Have you spotted any police "ghost cars" in Ocean County? Feel free to tell us where on our Facebook page!


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