First off, I have much love for gamers, as I am one myself, however, I have never gotten into the Pokemon Go phase and to see so many people going nuts over this game is not only really cool but kinda scary.

I will be honest, I feel kind of left out. I remember this time two years ago when the game was just released, apparently, there was some sort of hotspot or something outside the station and droves of people near and far were lined up and down sidewalks.

The picture you see above was a screenshot of the only five minutes that I had the app before deleting it. I guess I am just not a Pokémoner.

So I was driving to work this afternoon and drove past the Ocean County Library in Downtown Toms River and saw at least 75 people standing around -- not walking, all with their heads down looking at their phones... at first, I thought it was the beginning of that movie with Mark Wahlberg "The Happening" and I was going to have to flee for my life -- but then I thought "POKEMON GO"!

So, here we go again. To all the Pokémon Go players in Downtown Toms River, please look both ways when crossing the street...and of course, have fun!

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