A frustrated and angry Point Pleasant Beach Mayor Paul Kanitra unleashed a torrent of criticism against the state of New Jersey and Gov. Phil Murphy's administration as his town prepares for a massive pop-up party.

Kanitra released a 9-minute video on his Facebook page, he says, to let people "know what's happening here in New Jersey as a result of pandering political decisions that have stopped any kind of accountability" for those who would promote the kinds of pop-up parties that have become an increasing problem for shore towns.

In the video, the mayor holds up the latest flyer promoting an event in his town.

"The same idiots who trashed Long Branch have now set their sights on Point Pleasant Beach," Kanitra lamented. "It's not the first time this idiot has made fliers and caused chaos in my town or others, yet here he is still doing it."

Without mentioning names, Kanitra clearly blamed Murphy and the Democratic-controlled Legislature for creating the culture that allows people to believe they can promote large, unregulated, gatherings.

The flier Kanitra is referring to promotes a boxing match and urges individuals to "bring your own liquor" and "bring your own weed."

"They (the state) have screwed up our marijuana laws, they have screwed up our liquor laws, so that young kids feel like they can just walk down the street ripping shots and taking hits without any worries," Kanitra claims.

It also doesn't matter, Kanitra says, if the party actually happens or not.

"Our residents will freak out. Families will get scared away from the beaches that day. Businesses will proactively close," Kanitra claims. "All because of just a few idiots trying to seem cooler than they really are. Whether they show up or not."

When asked about the pop-up parties, Murphy said he was "concerned," but then suggested people just wanted to blow off some steam after more than two years of COVID.

Republican state Sen. Robert Singer has called on the state to create a task force to respond to the threat of pop-up parties.

Democratic state Sen. Vin Gopal has introduced legislation that would hold the promoters of pop-up parties responsible for any damages or police overtime as a result of unregulated gatherings.

Kanitra says that is proof this is a bipartisan issue.

And while he says the town will do everything possible to prevent the pop up party being promoted for June 18, they can't do it alone.

"We need this state to fix their garbage laws and garbage directives so its stops idiots from being so emboldened to even think they can organize crap like this without fear of prosecution," Kanitra said.

A request for comment from the Murphy administration went unanswered at the time this article was published.
Eric Scott is the senior political director and anchor for New Jersey 101.5. You can reach him at eric.scott@townsquaremedia.com

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