You better watch out, you better not cry, and you better not drive past a school bus with it's red lights flashing.

Plumsted Police are beefing up patrols to escort buses at selected routes to watch out for motor vehicle violations starting immediately.

Routes will be selected at random by police looking out for rouge or impatient drivers.

Here are the rules of the road Plumsted Police want you to be aware of:

School Bus rules. (Provided by Plumsted Police)
School Bus rules. (Provided by Plumsted Police)

A driver who passes a school bus with red lights flashing will face the charge of 39:4-128.1 which carries a penalty of 5 points on their driver's license.

"We feel this detail is necessary due to the high number of complaints we've received the last few weeks," Plumsted Police said on Facebook. "The safety of our children is paramount and we will proactively protect them from recklessness such as this."

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