Plumsted Police have started a donation drive hoping to collect New N95 Respirator Masks in Unopened Packages to pass along to first responders on the front lines of this Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

"Our first responders need your help. Your local emergency management is aware of the critical shortage of N95 respirator protective masks for first responders, doctors, and nurses. We need to protect our heroes on the front lines as they may receive and treat patients infected with COVID-19. We cannot allow our first responders to fall ill or bring this home to their families because of a lack of personal protective equipment. Please help us deliver this vital protection to the ones who need it most. Our priority is doctors and nurses in area hospitals and first responders."

A collection point has been established at the Plumsted Police Department at 2 Cedar Street, New Egypt.

There is a dropbox in the lobby for unopened N95 respirator masks.

"We are calling on any residents and businesses including carpenters, painters, woodworkers, body shops, etc to look at their supplies and donate any N95 respiratory masks. A receipt for your donation will be provided."

Plumsted Police will only be able to accept N95 rated respirator masks in sealed, unopened packages.

In Monmouth County, the Manasquan OEM is also collecting N95 masks this week as well.

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