Sometimes in the call of duty almost anything can happen for a firefighter and on some days lives are brought into the world.

Plumsted Firefighters received one such call and helped deliver a beautiful baby girl into the world.

It was on June 16, around 7:45 am that a Plumsted Township Fire District EMS ambulance was dispatched into North Hanover Township for a maternity call.

Upon signing on FF/EMT Aaron Mazeall and FF/EMT Jesse Kolb (Plumsted Township FMBA #89) responded.

Mazeall and Kolb were notified of the woman's active labor and imminent delivery.

Upon arrival, the crew met Jacobstown Fire Company Deputy Chief Robert Gancarz and EMT Harry Zielinski who were with the woman in labor.

At 7:58 am, Baby Skyler was welcomed into the world inside her home.

The 4 EMTs assessed both baby and mother, found them to be in good health.

The mother and baby were brought to Virtua Memorial Hospital in Mount Holly, for further care by Plumsted Township Fire District EMS.

Last Night, the crew was able to meet the mother, Samantha Katcher, Baby Skyler, and family at the Jacobstown Firehouse.

Every member of the crew who helped with the delivery and care were presented with a pink stork pin, which "is a small token of appreciation and remembrance of such a memorable event, given out in the Emergency Services."

"Childbirth rarely occurs in the EMS field, so this call remains quite significant in everyone’s mind. It’s also a reminder of the events that can occur and require personnel to be knowledgeable and quick reacting to whatever comes their way. Thank you to Deputy Chief Robert Gancarz for arranging the meeting and taking the time to recognize a job well done by all involved!" - Plumsted Township Fire District #1 said in a statement.

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