What? This is crazy. Pizza Hut is closing more locations nationwide.

Pizza Hut shut down 19 locations different states, according Eat This, Not That Reports.

There are currently 76 Pizza Hut locations in New Jersey, but it is unknown if any will be closed.

Are There any Pizza Hut Locations Closing in New Jersey?

A Pizza Hut spokeswoman told NJ Advance Media that “no final determinations have been made regarding which restaurants will ultimately be closed, nor on the timing for any closures.”

Who doesn't love their signature pan pizza? I love it. I remember my Mom always wanting their pan-pizza for one with extra cheese. She loved it so much, great memories.

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Pizza Hut just opened new stores on the East Coast in Pennsylvania, New York, and other states. Recently, in Ocean County in Toms River, there is a Pizza Hut to go that opened.

Pizza Hut has been bringing its signature stuffed crust and pan-style pies to more parts of the country in 2024 as it debuts new stores in New YorkPennsylvaniaColorado, and other markets. However, the chain's footprint also recently took a blow after it abruptly closed 19 locations across two states.

Pizza Hut closed in several states due to a legal battle between Pizza Hut and one of their franchises from different articles I have read.

From eatthis.com: "EYM Group operates around 150 Pizza Hut restaurants across the country." The franchisee is being sued by Pizza Hut over millions of dollars in alleged unpaid bills.

Will any of our Pizza Huts Close in New Jersey? Guess we'll find out soon.

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