When I heard about the Allaire State Park Dinosaurs being destroyed on purpose, the emotions of sadness and anger went through me. Who would be so heartless to do something like this?

My family and I were fortunate enough to explore and find these hidden gems. And I have to say, it was one of the most awesome things we've ever seen. Not only did we document our visit, but we also happened to run into Robin Ruggiero, the person responsible for creating these masterpieces.

Robin is the reason people from all over would travel to Allaire State Park to see these majestic creations for themselves, and that's something we should always remember. The joy and happiness these creations brought to so many.

As you're going through the photos, it's OK to feel saddened and angry that most of this incredible art has been destroyed. But equally as important is to feel the joy within these photos of the amazing art that Robin Ruggiero created that brought happiness to so many.

Remembering Allaire State Park's majestic dinosaurs for what they were

Incredible works of art that were never intended to be found, located in Wall Township, NJ.
Allaire Dinosaurs
Mike Brant via Canva

When the news broke of the destruction at Allaire, Jeff Deminski was quick to share his opinion. I have to say, I'm 100% with everything he says, including what I feel should happen to the responsible party that did this (you can catch up on Jeff's thoughts by clicking here).

As for someone being held accountable? Unfortunately, that doesn't seem likely, and Eric Scott explains why (Click here to check out his story on this).

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