You read that right. Pecan Pie + Pizza = Pecan Pizza Pie.

Thanksgiving is all about traditions. Many of which involve food. And sometimes, those special culinary practices extend beyond the holiday, from pre-holiday takeout food to post-holiday leftovers.

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Jersey's own Tony Boloney's restaurant chain and the American Pecan Promotion Board (an initiative of the US Department of Agriculture) have partnered to "reimagine the traditional pie with a pizza-fied twist". They are hoping to cement this Pecan Pizza Pie invention as your family's new Thanksgiving (or day-before-Thanksgiving) tradition.

American Pecans x TB Pecan Pizza Pie
(American Pecan Promotion Board)

Tony Boloney's currently has five brick and mortar locations in New Jersey — Atlantic City (the original), Hoboken, Margate (Lil B's), Jersey City, and Long Branch. That is in addition to running a fleet of food trucks, and offering catering and cooking classes.

Their specialty is creating "experimental" pizza combinations, with colorful names such as Punkin' Butta (with truffle pumpkin sauce), Pepe Le Pizza (a white pie), Ohh Laa Laa (which attempts to replicate french onion soup), and their legendary Taco Taco Taco (self-explanatory)

The Pecan Pizza Pie recipe is definitely creative. And actually sounds pretty good! The "truly nutty pie" features:
—A "sweet meets savory" buttermilk pizza crust
—A thick bourbon-infused tomato sauce
—Creamy mozzarella
—Fennel-dusted pepperoni-flavored pecan halves
—Spicy balsamic pecan pie glaze

Pecan pie with slice removed, table scene over wood
A standard pecan pie. For comparison. And/or to make you salivate. (jenifoto)

The limited-edition Pecan Pizza Pie is exclusively available for purchase on (There's no indication that any Tony Boloney's location will offer the seasonal specialty.)

As of this writing, one frozen Pecan Pizza Pie costs a whopping $99.95, including free shipping internationally. It does come with a standard pecan pie too.

Only time will tell whether it's a smash hit new tradition or just a weird holiday gimmick. Dropping a C-note on a pizza is a tough sell, but maybe worth it for pecan lovers to enjoy for dinner. Or to give as a nutty gift.

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