There’s that old line about how when there is nothing to talk about you can always talk about the weather.  There is plenty to talk about but yet we’re all talking about the weather and wondering when it’s going to warm up. The last several days have felt more like late-fall then late-spring and it looks like we’ll remain below normal as far as temperatures go for the remainder of the month.

Of course we will wake up one morning and it will be 80 degrees and summer will be here to stay. ’m looking forward to that morning.

As those who follow me on Facebook know I paid a visit to the Brigadier General William C. Doyle Memorial Cemetery  yesterday on what would have been my father’s 88th birthday.  It was my first time there since his funeral 18 months earlier and it took me a while to locate his bronze grave marker which is in a new section of the cemetery commonly referred to as “Arneytown” by veterans.

What I like most about the place(besides how nice everything looks) is that everyone is on equal footing as the grave markers are all the same regardless of military rank, color, creed or gender. Everyone who is buried there has one thing in common and that is they served their country and many like my father were part of the “greatest generation.”

While I was there I also stopped by to see my father-in-law Emanuel Viggiano who is only a few hundred yards away from my Dad. I hope they get together often.

On a lighter note, CBA, Middletown South and Toms River North have grabbed the top three seeds in the Shore Conference Baseball Tournament and they get opening round byes in the 29-team tournament which begins tomorrow.  Seeds and the bracket are available at

Donovan Catholic knocked off top-seed Lacey 6-5 in the semifinals of the Ocean County Softball Tournament and the Griffins will now face Jackson Liberty in the championship game scheduled for Wednesday night at Toms River South.