Motion Sickness.  A condition in which a disagreement exists between what you perceive visually, and your vestibular systems sense of movement.  Translation?  My eyes and stomach do not like traveling together. 

I get car sick.  I've struggled with it most of my life.  My earliest memories of road trips in the family station wagon are of me getting car sick.  Followed by my brother getting car sick.  And then my sister.  It is in the genes?  Actually, 66% of people are susceptable to motion sickness of some kind.  I can't ride in the backseat of any car and reading is also out, so forget about maps or navigation systems.  I can fly without incident, but that cruise I've always dreamed of...not going to happen.  How can a person who's name is "Cruise" get seasick?  That is just wrong.   I get sick in vans, on buses and sometimes even on the train.  I've tried all the methods of cure and prevention known.  Prescriptions don't help.  Over the counter meds won't work for me either.  The bracelet was cute, but I still got sick. 

It's always an uncomfortable conversation when I'm getting to know someone.  If you want to impress me, it won't be with a limo.  Snacks win me over.   Sad but true.   The "up side"..opps, I'm an inexpensive date and double as the designated driver.   So please don't judge me pushy if I insist on driving.   I try.  I really do.  I was riding passenger yesterday when I started writing this.    I got car sick.  Ginger Ale is the new black.

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