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It's no surprise to learn that COVID-19 not only has had a significant impact on how Americans are working but also on how they want to work in the future. A new Robert Half survey found 57% of employees reported a shift in feelings about their career due to the pandemic.

Regional Vice President Dora Onyschak said of those, 60% say they are more motivated to be employed at an organization that values its staff, especially during unpredictable times. Meanwhile, 40% plan to prioritize their personal life moving forward and 33% want to pursue a more meaningful position.

For those who wan to fulfill a more meaningful position, she said the first thing to do is evaluate what it is he or she is looking for and find what makes them happy. A lot of time is not about competitive compensation and benefits. Onyschak said talented people want to be in jobs that make the most use of their skills and give them a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Companies need to be able to attract talented employees, too. Onyschak said they need to pay top performers well, focus on employee wellness and be flexible.

Employers need to recognize their staff accomplishments, big or small. Offer different perks to make people feel like they are part of the team, she added.

Onyschak said the pandemic has opened some people's eyes to what is important in their lives.

"So while work-life balance isn't a new concept, of course, I think it's just become that much more important and companies need to really consider this as part of their culture. As employees, we now know that we can have it and we've experienced it," she said.

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