To date the Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant in Lacey Township has completed 'milestones' one through seven of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's cyber-security requirements, number eight is given an extension ahead of the December 31 deadline.

As the plant continues its trek towards a decommissioning in 2019 it has some prep-work to do beforehand.

"This is based on the fact that because Oyster Creek has already achieved Milestones 1 to 7 of our cyber-security requirements, the bulk of the required upgrades are already in place," Neil Sheehan, NRC spokesman, said. "This completed work ensures that most risk-significant and security critical digital assets, or CDA's, remain secure."

The implementation of upgrades the OCNPP needs to make for Milestone 8 include critical digital asset configuration management, cyber-security incident response and recovery, and cyber-security training.

Due to the fact the operational life of the plant won't last much longer, Sheehan says the enhancements would only be necessary for only two more years approximately.

The requirements or rules were brought into play back in 2009 by the NRC to ensure safety is always met at the plant.

What's need is "the functions of digital computers, communication systems and networks associated with safety, security and emergency preparedness at the plants are protected from cyber-attacks," Sheehan said.

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